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Jordan Schulz and Zach Miller met in the summer of 2019 and have been performing together ever since. The duo realized quickly that their strengths compliment each other perfectly. Zach's mastery of music production and Jordan's eye for marketing strategy continuously produce critically-acclaimed results for clients everywhere.


Zach is a certified audio producer / engineer who produces music in a wide variety of genres. With training in jazz guitar as his foundation, Zach studied recording and audio tech under the mentorship of multi-Grammy Award winner, and Head of the Recording Arts Operations at Carnegie Mellon University, Riccardo Schulz. He then obtained music production certifications from the Recording Workshop Audio Institute in Columbus, Ohio. 

If you're looking to record music, or need someone to produce your existing recordings, contact Zach.

zach miller


jordan schulz

Jordan is a communications and marketing professional who helps artists, bands, churches, organizations, and small businesses build a following. Jordan has a four-year degree in Media/Communications, with additional focus on marketing, music business, and entertainment law. A trained vocalist and gigging musician himself, Jordan understands the most effective strategies for engaging your targeted audience.

If you're looking for someone to create a website and/or marketing strategy for you, contact Jordan.