I've had the pleasure of working with Zach on a few occasions, and each one was a great experience. Whether he was tracking me on his own equipment, or even on mine at my home studio, he was always efficient and easy to work with. He also mixed and mastered my first project. I probably wouldn't have released it when I did if he hadn't helped to take that extra step in making it sound professional and well-balanced. Zach always provided clear communication and respected my vision as an artist throughout the whole process. | Tucker Muetzel

Zach was instrumental in making my first project. I came into the studio with a lot of ideas stuck in my head, but with no idea how to make them “real” songs. He knew exactly what to do to make the songs come to life exactly how I envisioned them! He was so collaborative and brought a lot of expertise, skill, and insight to my project, and it is because of his help that my vision become a reality. I’m so grateful that I chose Lifeside Studios to produce my first album, and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future! | Christina Trocchio

Working with Zach is always refreshing. Zach has a way of taking on the passion of those he's recording as his own.
Each time I've worked with him I've found he gets just as, if not more, excited about the project he's working on as the artists he's working with. This makes for a very comfortable space for creativity to flow. His knowledge of the craft also makes the actual process of mixing flow quickly. If you communicate something in creative, or improper terms, he understands what needs to happen to get to the result you are asking for. In all the times I've worked on projects, Zach's professionalism and personality made this project the most enjoyable experience yet.
 | Matt Manzo

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