A Cover with Chris Jamison

Lifeside's Jordan Schulz and Zach Miller arranged, produced, and performed on a cover with Pittsburgh singer Chris Jamison.

In the early part of 2021, Jordan Schulz and Chris Jamison revisited the idea of recording a cover song together. After Jordan suggested Coldplay's "Fix You," Chris signed on and the production process began.

Zach Miller and Jordan Schulz sat down and played with different elements to modernize the feel of the song, as well as match it to their style preferences. Jordan handled the vocal arrangements, and Zach experimented with guitar parts. There was a memorable magic and energy in the room as the duo found a vibe that seemed to sync perfectly with their vision.

Though these three guys had to navigate busy schedules and adjustments, the song was finally recorded and produced! All three of them are proud to be part of a project that seems to resonate with people.

The duo would like to thank Chris for his time, input, and artistry on this project, and hope to work together again soon!

Update: Jordan and Zach have the honor of opening for Chris Jamison at his next concert on Friday, August 27th at The Strand Theater in Zelienople, PA.

Check out the cover here:

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