Christina Trocchio's Debut Singles

Lifeside's Zach Miller recorded and produced a debut album for singer/songwriter Christina Trocchio.

Christina Trocchio is a Pittsburgh-based musician releasing her debut album “ghosts of my past” in July of 2021. “Ghosts” deals mainly with themes of loss, rejection, heartbreak, and ultimately, self-realization that despite the obstacles of life, you can still make it through.

Christina has been writing lyrics since she was as young as seven, but keeps most of those earlier songs in the vault. She cites artists such as SZA, Post Malone, twenty one pilots, Khalid, The Weeknd, Jhené Aiko, Frank Ocean, and the various 80s rock bands she listened to growing up as some of her biggest musical influences and inspirations.

She hopes that through her music she can provide people with someone to relate to, cry with, and help them find the strength it takes to persevere.

Check out Christina's website + singles here.

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