Lifeside Owners Begin 2021 by Getting a House

Founders of the studio, Jordan Schulz and Zach Miller, decided to spend 2021 living in the same house in order to help ensure a successful business launch

Once we decided to embark on this new business endeavor, it became obvious how beneficial it would be to devote all our free time to making it a success. We felt the best way to do that would be to rent a house together and work hand-in-hand on every project that is coming our way.

Following a January 1st move-in, we've already been very consistent and intentional about adding new equipment and tools to our collection each week. This is already helping us tremendously as we seek to take local music projects to the next level.

While both members of the Lifeside team are alike in many key ways, we also have different ideas, skills, and backgrounds. However, these differences are precisely what create the unique vision that helps propel music professionals. There wouldn't be much purpose in a collaboration if we were the same person in every way.

Current and future clients of Lifeside should take comfort in knowing that this work has our full attention. We are energized by local talent, and we are so genuinely proud to be part of any project that highlights that talent.

As a reminder, though Lifeside has a home base now, we are still offering a range of virtual/mobile services as well. We hope to find a way to work within each artist's schedule, budget, and comfort level --- without ever sacrificing the quality of the finished product.

We sincerely look forward to finding new ways of serving the local music community in the months ahead. If you or someone you know might be looking for some assistance in recording, mixing, editing, marketing, or video production, please send an email to

And stay tuned for more updates!

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