Music Duo Combines Talents to Help Other Artists

Both members of music duo JORDAN + ZACH (Jordan Schulz and Zach Miller) are teaming up to help other local artists get closer to their goals.

Shortly after becoming a duo in the summer of 2019, Jordan Schulz and Zach Miller realized that their backgrounds compliment each other quite well. Jordan's background in media and marketing and Zach's background in music production helped them each achieve success for themselves and other artists.

So, the duo decided to combine their strengths in order to offer artists a more complete range of services.

“At a certain point, we started to realize that the same training and instincts helped us each achieve success separately may be able to help others too --- particularly artists looking for professional results on a limited budget.”

The duo's production business will be called Lifeside Studios. With state restrictions constantly changing, and artists who have such busy schedules, Lifeside Studios is excited to offer a range of services virtually as well.

If you or someone you know might be looking for some assistance in recording, mixing, editing, marketing, or video production, please send an email to

And stay tuned for more updates on the Lifeside's growing catalog of artists!

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