Music Production

Create professional-quality recordings or remaster your existing recordings. Live, studio, virtual, and mobile services available.

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Let us help with your website, social media, logo design, or photo and video shoots for any client. 


How are you guys different than other local recording services?

1 - Lifeside is a music + marketing studio, so in addition to recording, mixing, mastering, and publishing your music for the world to hear, we also offer any media help you would need. Websites, music videos, social media strategies, logos, apparel ideas, marketing campaigns, you name it.
2 - We make sure it's worthwhile for you. As musicians ourselves, we understand the value of working on projects that fit your budget. We're not interested in taking giant royalties or getting paid by the thousands. We all just want to succeed in working with you.

What are your rates/fees?

Because each client and project varies so greatly, we prefer to offer quotes based on our assessment of how much work will be required. For those who prefer to give us their max budget at the start, we can certainly let you know how much work we can provide within your budget.

What kinds of clients work with Lifeside?

Because of our wide range of services, we have the ability to help out on all kinds of projects! We can help produce affordable, professional quality music, voiceovers, remastered audio, videos, websites, and marketing strategies for nearly any kind of client. That includes individuals, small businesses, schools, churches, pretty much anything. If you think you might have a project for us, it never hurts to reach out! No pressure or commitment until we're all on the same page.

Still have questions?

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